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    03 June, 2022 ***IMPORTANT NOTICE***  Updated 23 June, & 11 August 2022

    To our valued customers,

    The Australian Government (via the ACCC) has introduced standards and mandated new changes to both lithium coin cell and button cell battery safety standards, to reduce the risk of ingestion of button and coin batteries.  These new laws are effective from 22 June, 2022 (see links below).  

    How does this effect your supply of batteries from The Battery Man?  

    It does not affect your supply of batteries from us; The ACCC standards do not apply to button/coin batteries supplied in bulk to trades, professions or industries, and that are not intended for sale to the public (see links below). The Battery Man will continue to supply your batteries to your business for trade use only.  

    Please note:  We are a wholesale business and deal directly (B2B) to the Watch & Jewellery Industry.  As advised by our suppliers, all button & coin batteries sold or supplied to you via The Battery Man, whether in compliant childproof packaging, or not, is for trade use only

    How does this effect your business?  

    The ACCC standards do not apply to button/coin batteries that have been installed in consumer goods before the consumer goods are supplied (see link below).  You can continue to install batteries into your customer's compliant watches, car key remotes and other devices as usual, but you cannot on-sell or supply our button/coin batteries to the general public/consumers.  Please check the ACCC website links below to see if this new standard further affects your business, such as including compliant warning notices with every button/coin battery replacement (see example below).

    Button/coin battery safety - a guide for business on the application of mandatory standards | Product Safety Australia

    Consumer Goods (Button/Coin Batteries) Safety Standard 2020 (

    Recycling:  For recycling options please see for further details.  

    If you have any questions, please feel free to phone me directly on 0414 682 423 or email to  Please note while we are here to assist with your enquiries, we recommend you visit the ACCC website and/or seek legal advice.  Catherine @ The Battery Man. Family owned and operated for over 40yeras, we value your ongoing business & support.